So, we’re now in February, whats happened to your new years resolution?

If you’re like most people, your new year’s resolution will be largely forgotten and you’ll be back in your old habits- maybe eating junk food, drinking too much or spending too much time sat down. What can we do to get back on the right track and stay that way? A few points:

1) Be specific

What actually do you want to do this year? Do you just want to lose weight, or do you want to lose 10kg? Don’t be vague with yourself about what you want. If you’re specific and realistic, you can make this happen.

2) Have a plan

Let’s say your resolution is to take up a new sport. If you don’t know what you want to try, why not check The London 2012 Olympics site to see what takes your fancy. Search online to see if any classes are running in your area. Plan to try it for a month, and if it’s working out- if it’s practical, affordable and more to the point FUN!

3) Have a reason

Do you REALLY want to give up that tipple? Or are you saying you will because “it’s new year”? Your resolution should be motive-driven. If alcohol is causing you a problem, then make it your resolution to cut down.  Pick the right thing in your life to work on- the part of your life that needs the most attention. Meanwhile, should you be having THAT much salt on your chips?

4) Don’t make too many at once

It’s tempting to have a “life overhaul” at the start of the year, and start to wash the car every week and go for a run and help the kids more with their homework. Quickly, you’ll get exhausted. Start with the biggest issue in your life, and make time for it. Sometimes, other things just have to be put on hold.

5) Put in the graft.

One of the reasons we crash and burn with resolutions is that we won’t do the hard work to actually achieve them. If you want a cover model body but you’ve never lifted weights before, accept that it’s not going to happen overnight. If you’ve just picked up the clarinet, you’re not going to be playing the Halle for a few years at least. It will take time and effort, so don’t give up.

Essentially, resolutions work when you plan them, think them through and follow through with them. But it doesn’t need to be the 1st January to start- you can make the first step at any time of year. How about now?