There are plenty of pop queens that we hear about every day – Beyoncé, Taylor Swift etc. – and credit to them, they are great at what they do. To mark this year’s International Women’s Day though, I’d like to focus on some artists who perhaps don’t receive as much airtime but who represent a very different kind of ‘girl power’.

‘Girl power’ is a concept so often based around consumerism, but for the following acts it is much more a case of artistic integrity and individual expression.

SO, what should you listen to? Here are some of my favourite female musicians/songwriters/performers on the indie scene today – all well worth checking out.


Lianne La Havas

This English soul folk songstress manages to maintain a real rawness to her smooth and delicate sound. With performances based on true emotion and sincerity, she is recognised as one of the most promising talents to come out of the UK in recent years.



Leslie Feist is a Canadian crafter of folk-edged indie tunes and wielder of soaring melodies.



Claire Boucher has created her own unique brand of electronica, laying effects-laden vocals on top of strong, eclectic beats, and drawing influence from all kinds of places. Two names she has mentioned, Aphex Twin and Mariah Carey, are ones you don’t often hear in the same sentence.


The Staves

This sisterly trio from Watford sing some of the sweetest blood harmonies you’re ever likely to hear.


Tune Yards

Merrill Garbus’ refreshingly fun sound is infectious and has brought her international success over the last few years. Armed with a looper and various instruments, she creates some fascinating soundscapes and her songs are never short of unexpected changes.


This all-female band from L.A. are making waves on the indie scene with their distinctive blend of moody, guitar-driven melodic psych-rock.

My Brightest Diamond

Shara Worden’s classical training, theatrical tendencies, orchestral arrangements, and incredibly pure voice make her a truly captivating artist.


St. Vincent

Drawing influence from the likes of Prince and Kate Bush and collaborating with David Byrne, Annie Clark, aka St. Vincent, is one of the more experimental artists currently in the popular music domain. ‘Quirky’ doesn’t even begin to tell the story.