BeBo (stage name) was 13 years of age when he joined the Urban Tek & Music Mentoring Project. Although his musical ability was somewhat non-existent at the beginning, we saw him as an ideal candidate, as he was not enjoying school due to his challenging needs.

The main barriers for BeBo were behavioral issues; he was easily influenced by peers and was often distracted. But when it came to songwriting and recording tasks, he fully participated and managed to create over a dozen of songs covering a range of different topics including:

  • Letter To School – a song he wrote to his teachers expressing his reasons for bad behavior and unwillingness to engage in school.
  • This Is My life – based around his autism spectrum disorder and how has managed with it.

We identified that BeBo needed to be expressive in his writing and there was also a requirement to build his confidence so he could perform in front of a crowd. Our goal was to instill positivity in him so that he could engage both in academic and extra curricula activities.

BeBo is currently taking part in another music project at Square 1 and his music skills have improved substantially. His lyrics have matured and he is now able to express his thoughts and feelings more eloquently. He now helps new starters and tends to share his experiences with them. It’s expected that BeBo will also be doing his work placement at Square 1 in the near future.


“Square 1 Studios have been a wonderful inspiration for my teenage son. The help, support and focus it has given him has been invaluable and the skills he acquired have helped in many aspects of his life” – Mother