By Matteo Moscariello, our Italian Intern

The Novara council was looking for 12 young people to be sent to different countries in the EU for work placement opportunities, I was chosen as one of them.

During my placement, I got the chance to work with Square 1’s very talented students. The lessons were always exciting and we had plenty of laughs in the jam sessions. The teachers have a very unique teaching method, they are very friendly and respect everyone, which makes the studio a very fun and creative place to be.
On my evenings and weekends, my colleagues took me many different places around Manchester. I’ve been to pub quiz nights, cinemas, science and history museums, the Trafford Centre and many restaurants.
Working at Square 1 Studios was a great opportunity and I’m going to miss the friends that I’ve made here. If I’ll ever come back to England I’m going to visit many more places (2 months are definitely not enough time!) And I’ll certainly be revisiting the studio.