1. Selling out


This is a big no no for many people. It is when artists water down the quality of their music in favour of producing material that is more commercially accessible, often to satisfy their own or their label’s thirsts for money and success. When bands or artists do this it can lead to die-hard fans becoming disillusioned with them.

2. Spitting on the mic


A mic is not a blackberry lollipop. Spitting on a mic is not only unhygienic; salts in human saliva are corrosive and will actually shorten the lifespan of your mic. If you can’t help but spitting like a camel when you sing buy a pop filter or make one out of your grandma’s tights.

3. ‘Thank you. Thank you very much. Thanks a lot.’

thank you

Now we can all understand the urge, you’ve finished one of your songs at your gig and the audience have held their attention, even cheering at the end for which you thank them in the silent void between songs. Once or maybe twice a gig this can be a good way to fill this chasm of time. Any more however can get repetitive and give the impression the audience are doing you a favour. Remember, enjoying your music is what a crowd is there for – so relax!

4. Showing off on guitar at parties at every opportunity

guitar show off

We have all been there. It’s two o’clock at a party and someone has got the guitar out. Now a jam or sing along in the late hours of the night can be great but the same can’t be said for someone playing a complex guitar solo that no one else can join in with. This person may have even brought a guitar from home for their shining moment and will no doubt be unashamedly playing in your faces just to show off or impress someone they fancy. This kind of behaviour is certain to have people reaching for their coats.

5. Virtual Guitar Wonder Bra

guitar hero

There are some similarities between playing a real guitar and playing a plastic guitar-hero one on rock band. For instance, playing in time or coordinating strumming in one hand with finger tapping in the other. However, this is where the similarities end. Using 18 frets and 6 strings as opposed to 4 and 0 on the guitar hero version, it’s easy to see why guitarists feel this way.

6. Naff Rhymes

rub a dub

‘The cat sat on a mat’ may be a great example to teach 6 year olds about syntax, but when it comes to writing songs silly and obvious rhymes like this are more often than not nonmeaningful and cringeworthy.

7. Sea anemone Morrissey Wannabees


Even worse than the simple and bland lyrics that can often be the catchiest, are the falsely deep, pretentious and pompous lyrics. These are the lyrics of people trying to appear all avant-garde, complex and Morrissey-ish, but when they try so hard to achieve this, their authenticity goes out of the window and their words hold about as much body as a sea anemone.