mahdlo 1Mahdlo Rocks was a great opportunity for some of the talented youths at Mahdlo to record at Square 1 Studios.

The nature of the project was for young people to rehearse at the facilities in Mahdlo then come down to Square 1 to record a track. Time was of the essence here as the artists only had a single session to record, however, everybody did remarkably well and should be proud of their efforts.

For many this was the first time they’d ever stepped into a music studio. A little overwhelmed at first, they managed to rise to the occasion and a couple of artists were lucky enough to shoot a music video for their songs which enhanced their experience!


I’m very glad the kids got this opportunity. For the guys who had experienced a recording session before, they were able to breeze through recordings with minimum effort and it really shows in the final outcome. Hopefully this project will be the first of many!

mahdlo rocks