joana on phone

From how to answer the intercom to how to write a proposal, Square 1 Studios has taught me a lot about how to be an admin.

Thinking back on my interview for this position, I remember I was really nervous, and although we laughed, my interviewer/boss had the tone of a very strict person. To cut the story short, I honestly thought he didn’t like me at all.

When I found out I got the job, I really expected this massive, modern and crowded building on a very strict, over hard-working environment, so I was frightened that I wouldn’t fit the role.

First day, I came formally dressed, my heels in my bag, expecting people in suits and ties. I came to enter this super cosy, welcoming studio, having a visual to all doors and a small kitchen on the side – I was honestly relieved. Time to meet the team, everyone in Square 1 jumpers, having a cup of tea, sitting at their desks, a hand-shake from everyone – it’s like a new pet has just arrived home.

I soon came to realise this place would become like home to me.

The 1st thing I learnt was how to answer the intercom, I still answer my home one with “Hello, Square 1”.

I think my biggest achievements at Square 1 so far have been being able to plan and manage a live music event, starting to write funding proposals and in general the team working, time management and communication skills I’ve developed here. The main qualities that I have brought to SQ1 are my loyalty, enthusiasm and honesty, which all contribute to improving the business, not to mention my Portuguese misunderstanding of words that always creates banter in the office!

joana on paino

My experiences at Square 1 have definitely gone through a series of different areas, from participating in music and photography sessions (with no experience in either of them) to editing photos professionally, writing meeting minutes (or chasing people for not reading them), writing funding bids and participating in the creation of new projects.

It has all helped me to gain more knowledge, new skills and become more passionate about creative arts and definitely for music.