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Keeping Our Girls Safe came to Square 1 Studios with 15 ten-year-old girls for a 12 week project to learn about various social problems through multimedia.

The project consisted of photography sessions in which we discussed a variety of techniques such as the rule of thirds, depth of field and framing. We then moved onto filming and looked at some key techniques for filming like freeze frames, camera angles, shot types, scriptwriting and storyboard development resulting in a sequence of silent movies. Last but not least, they also got to learn music through jamming to songs, playing instruments, and recording (who can forget Simon’s African Zulu dance!)

Through these sessions we explored healthy/unhealthy relationships, good/bad pressures and expectations. At the beginning sensitive topics such as unhealthy relationships  were “totally awks” (as today’s youth would say). However once the girls came out of their shells (and me also!) we had some interesting discussions! As their “teacher” I was very curious to see their thoughts on matters from their perspective!

The good things about the project? Well all the girls showed enthusiasm, which was fantastic and helped us get through all that we needed to! Plus the caliber of videos were great!

The bad things about the project were sometimes punctuality disrupted the lessons. Oh! And we could have done with more cameras/equipment (any funders reading this?) Final negative? Well it is not really a negative but would have loved it if the project lasted longer.

Overall, I think the students and I both grew to love the project and wish them all the best in the future!

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